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Long-time experience

CIESD has been operating since 1979,gaining a very strong experience in the twisting sector.

Certified quality

Constantly controlled processes in order to guarantee high quality standards.

Food specialists

We are specialized in food packaging.


We sell throughout the national and international territory.

High Qulity

Tutto il ciclo di lavorazione, dalla materia prima altamente selezionata al prodotto finito, è costantemente seguito e controllato così da garantire la costante qualità finale del prodotto.
Durante tutto il processo produttivo, il laboratorio interno di CIESD esegue capillari controlli qualitativi, meccanici e visivi, mentre i test chimici e le prove di migrazione, per garantirne l’idoneità al contatto alimentare, vengono condotti da laboratori esterni certificati.

CIESD’s production satisfies the standards of the following Certifications:


Food safety

CIESD works to pursue the implementation of the effectiveness of the Food Safety Management System and the Quality, respecting the current legislation applicable to hygiene and safety in the workplace and monitoring of the materials intended to foods.

Supply chain

Selected purchase and high quality raw materials | Pre-Press | Inks production | Rotogravure Printing | Flexogravure Printing | Solvent e solvent-less Lamination | Cutting | Shipment to the customer


The producted packaging allows to protect the shelf life of numerous items, from food to pharmaceutical, guaranteeing high quality and recognized know-how. The Company has invested in the research of new eco-sustainable materials that has allowed it to take new markets and new business opportunities.


Listening to our customers and their needs.
Finding innovative solutions day after day.
Researching and processing materials for innovative packaging.

Quality control

The entire production process is constantly checked and administered to guarantee the consistent quality of the final product. Throughout the entire production process CIESD’s laboratory attentively checks for quality, visual and mechanical excellence while chemical and migration tests which guarantee the conformity to food contact legislation are conducted by external and certified laboratories.

Customer service

Quality and service are our top priorities.
Customer satisfaction.
Reliability, punctuality and collaboration.
Timely and effective problem solving.


CIESD has always operated in the following sectors listed below:.


Sweet and salted Snack


Dried fruit



Rice and cereals

Frozen foods

Ice cream

Pet food