The entire production process, from the initial, high quality raw material to the final product, is constantly followed and administered to guarantee the constant quality of the final product. Throughout the entire production process, our laboratory attentively checks for quality, visual and mechanical excellence such as:

● Tensile Strength
● Elongation at break
● Shrinkage
● Grammage
● Residual Solvent trials by Gas chromatograph
● Tests by spectrophotometer

Chemical and migration tests to guarantee the conformity to food contact legislation are carried out by external and certified laboratories.

CIESD’s production satisfies the standards of the following Certifications:

● ISO 9001 since April 2004 In 2008 we updated our standard with ISO 9001:2008 This certification establishes a precise Quality Management System in order to improve the service and the quality of the products.
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● BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials since July 2008. This certification develops, maintains and improves a Hygiene Management System and implements with specific procedures the management of the production process of all materials intended for food packaging.
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